Miri Fenton

Ms. Miri Fenton

PhD Candidate
Miri Fenton

Miri is in the second year of her PhD in Medieval history, comparing and contrasting the experience of community in the everyday life of Jews in Aragon and Kehilot Shum, 1100-1347. She aims to use social history and social theory to investigate oft-overlooked halakhic issues that belie the realities of Jewish communal life. Miri holds a BA in history, and an MPhil in philosophy of religion, from the University of Cambridge. She was the Henry Fellow at Yale Graduate School 2011-12, and has spent two years learning in egalitarian yeshivot in New York and Jerusalem. She also edits academic texts in English. 

Miri has recently recieved the Ministry of Absorption Matching Grant for Doctoral students.



‘The invisible boundaries of communal identity: how yiḥud shapes everyday life at home and on the road.’ To be presented at The World Congress of Jewish Studies 2017 (August, 2017).

‘Rabbinic social thought meets medieval migration: reading responsa literature as a bridge between social thought and everyday life.’ To be presented at ‘Jews on the Move: Exploring the movement of Jews, objects, texts, and ideas in space and time’ British Association of Jewish Studies Annual Conference 2017 (July 2017).



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