Nureet Dermer

Nureet Dermer

PhD Candidate

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nureet dermer
Nureet Dermer is first year PhD candidate in the department of Jewish History at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. After over 10 years as a certified public accountant, she has completed her M.A. in Jewish History from Bar Ilan University in 2016. Her master's equivalence thesis: "The Jews in the Tax Lists (Taille) of Late 13th Century Paris: The socio-economic and cultural lives of Jewish men and women in Christian neighborhoods", submitted to the Hebrew University of Jerusalem in 2017, is investigating the everyday lives of Jews and their neighbors in late 13th century Paris, on the basis of the Royal Tax Assessments (les livres de la taille de paris aux 1292 – 1313) under the regime of Philippe IV the fair (Philippe le bel).